Double station recording belt scales for conveyors with rubber belts. Complete standardized range adaptable to all kinds of conveyor.
Dosatec Belt Scales offer the ideal solution for continous weighing and batching applications.

Technical specifications:

  • Robust and compact housing
  • Direct weighing from 2 to 4 on inox load cells (protection IP68)
  • Electronic calibration of the load cells
  • Digital encoder for the speed control IP 65
  • Simplicity of use
  • Suitable for most applications
  • Accuracy : Better than 0.5 %
  • Simple installation, modules with standardized widths
    - ID-500 mm
    - ID-650 mm
    - ID-800 mm
    - ID-1000 mm
    - ID-1200 mm
    - ID-1400 mm
    - ID-1600 mm

Quality rules

  • First rate materials and advanced supplies
  • Surface protection by sandblasting, antirust protection, and paint coats warranted thickness minimum 50 µm
  • Accuracy in dosing according to the operative OIML rules